About Us.

Minerallink is redefining the critical minerals sector through a digital lens. Our platform seamlessly connects a global nexus of esteemed buyers and sellers, embracing the power of modern workflows while departing from outdated, paper-centric methods. We’ve established a current spot market, offering transparent pricing structures rooted in genuine transactions, and diminishing the need for protracted contracts.

Our ethos places a strong emphasis on responsibility. With our Responsible Sourcing Hub, we’ve integrated an ESG toolkit, allowing users to not only source with unyielding integrity but also to share in-depth ESG insights transparently.

The bedrock of trust in Minerallink lies in our rigorous Authentication and Verification Methods. We facilitate swift KYC checks for each user and employ centralized automation for comprehensive data and document storage.

Join us in forging a future of transparent, efficient, and ethical mineral trading.


Meet our Team.

Ellie Vaisman

Melbourne-based Founder of Minerallink, Co-Founder of Sourci, and Forbes 30 Under 30 (2023). Ellie radiates energy and champions the nothing is impossible mantra. His leadership continually motivates teams towards unparalleled success.

Peter Kelly

CEO Peter Kelly, with over 20 years in tech, stands as a beacon in digital transformation. Holding roles like CIO, he expertly fuses traditional business with innovative digital solutions, ensuring businesses remain forefront in a tech-centric world.

Adam Martin

Product Manager with a decades global experience, Adam excels in Advisory Services and Data Analytics. Passionately bridging communities, businesses, and data, he advocates for informed, impactful change through data driven insights.

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